AxisITP Price Comparison Script

Price Comparison Script

AxisITP Price Comparison Script is a great script which enables you to run your own shopping comparison website. The script helps you to start an online business where people can search the great deals on your website and make purchases. You can make money through Adsense, merchants, advertisement and affiliate commission.

The AxisITP Price Comparison Script provides two kinds of functions. The first model is to run the website like a price comparison website and another kind of model is to run the price comparison engine where you can provide APIs to other affiliate partners so they can run their own price comparison website. Using the second option you will be a potential competitor of the major comparison website. Your affiliate members can register on your website and they can access your API to run their own price comparison website, you can earn thousands of $$$ every month by using The AxisITP Price Comparison Script.


AxisITP ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace Script

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Script

AxisITP ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Script is a leading and latest script. The script allows the admin to generate products, categories and hoplinks automatically in few clicks! Very easy to use with great CMS system in back-end side.

The AxisITP ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Script is a script which works for the ClickBank, it automatically adds the products from the ClickBank by using this script you can earn hundreds of $$$ every month.


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